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Virus Trojan.InstallCore.3052 in your fusion.dll

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For what I hope is the last time - it's a false positive. It comes from the bundled apps (which are optional - you don't have to install those). Because the installer bundles them, some A/V apps detect a 'trojan'. Install it, run the a/v scan on the install files and you won't find a thing.


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Your deceptive screenshot doesn't snow that the most respected anti viruses show that bitcomet is clean. The false positive is caused by poorly coded "install core", a legitimate tool used by developers to bundle other apps with theirs, but it's only malicious if not used properly, but it is used properly with BitComet. Some of the lazy anti virus companies seem to flag any app that uses it instead of checking to see if the proper protocols are followed, like not bundling malware, and giving the user the ability to decline to install the bundled software. 

Any member who continues on with this nonsense and isn't sincerely asking a question will have their account restricted or removed.


ps. Even if there was a threat (which there isn't), it couldn't be both a virus and a trojan, they are two very different threats and none of the false test results claim there is any virus.

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I have Bit Comet 1.47 installed , wich is trying to update to version 1.48 wich doesn't exist ? When I manually check for updates , it says I'm using  the latest version 1.47

Tried to install  1.48 and got the same warning about FusionCore files .This is not a virus but is adware

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I've noticed that '1.48' install but I think that's more down to a bug than anything else, however, if you check on almost any installation program you will get the same message "TURN OFF ANY RUNNING SOFTWARE". Why people think that means 'any except....' I don't know: a lot of people were having problems upgrading Windows 10 for a very simple reason - THEY LEFT THE ANTI-VIRUS RUNNING

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