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Zip file opens only app file

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Using Mac OS X 10.13.2, BitLord Torrent client.

I've downloaded a torrent on my Mac OS PowerBook, which turns out to be a zip file. When I double click on the Zip file, it produces an app file of exactly the same size as the zip file. I have used several unarchivers to try to solve this.

If I click on the zip file repeatedly, It opens copy after copy of that app file. When I look in the app file, Mac OS X thinks some of the files are Windows Executables. This despite the fact that I downloaded a Mac torrent. This has happened more than once, so I suspect I'm doing something wrong.

One of these pictures show what happens after I try to unzip the file several times. The second shows he structure of the app package that results.

I realize this is an illegal torrent, but it's the only one I have handy right now. I've been deleting the others because I thought something was wrong with the downloaded file.



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it's normal for a .zip to extract to another file, but since it's not what you expect my guess is you have a Trojan. One way I've seen this type spread is from a malicious ad that looks like a download link and will download an unknown program while changing it's name to what you intended to download.

Since you have a Mac, it couldn't install.

ps. why seek help in bitcomet forum?

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