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Disk cache resize/optimization

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I've used a Bit Comet with the following disk cache settings:  minimum disk cache = 9999, maximum disk cache = 16384. But it is not possible to resize these values to any other values. I have 128 gb of system RAM under Windows 10 x64 and I want to resize these values to as example:  minimum disk cache = 64000, maximum disk cache = 96000 (in megabytes) for decreasing hdd usage.

Please add this possibility to future version of a Bit Comet.

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That is a lot of ram. The ideal amount to use varies by how you use your computer and bitcomet. The best advice I can offer is to decide how much you can afford to be used solely by BC and use that as your disc cache which can reduce stress on your hdd/ssd.

More important I would consider disabling virtual memory/pagefile, since you shouldn't need it with that much ram.

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