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After adding a job from a magnet link, I know that need several seconds to download the torrent file. Before the downloading finished, the filename in the "Create new BitTorrent task" window is set as "[unknown]", and it will be turned into the right filename as soon as the torrent file downloaded. If user clicks "Download Now" before it done, a task named as magnet link will be created and will be renamed to the correct file name soon.

The problem is: there is a small time window. If user clicks "Download Now" in the exactly window time, a task will be created with name [unknown] and will not be renamed.

Suggest: Instead of name it as [unknown] in creating task window, just disable the text box of the filename instead, when the torrent file has not been downloaded (optional). And make sure the task will be renamed correctly if no name is set.

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If you 'stop' the download, you can rename it and restart it.

Personally, in all the years I've been using BC, I've never seen that happen (but computers do strange things at times)

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