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biHi All,


So I lost my drive that I was downloading to. No biggie had a spare but since installing the new drive. I keep getting Red X's next to SOME of my torrents.

Not all of them only a select few and it is not consistent, I have checked the FAQ's, before one of you say that and I have checked all the reason on that and none of them apply to me.

The permissions are correct. The drive is NTFS. etc etc etc......................

Anyone have any ideas..................



Windows  10 1809

Bitcomet 1.52

200Mbps Fibre

Mikrotik 750GL router.


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One possible reason is lack of free space on the drive. While it may appear that there is, there are times when lost clusters actually reduce the space, even though drive properties show that there is more.

Run chkdsk  and defrag the drive and see if that helps

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