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VPN and Port blocked (yellow status)

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My Bitcomet has always worked very fine until now when I can use a VPN (Surfshark).

I have opened listening ports of Bitcomet and eMule in my router as well as I have the private IP of the device as fixed or static.

Without VPN connection all is OK and the port indicator is green (opened). The problem is that under VPN connection the port indicator is yellow (blocked).

I tried several things but I haven´t get a solution:

  • With Bitcomet I tried to change options in network.preferred_network_adapter_ipv4 (Options/Advanced); check/uncheck Enabling UPnP port mapping.
  • With the VPN I tried to change servers and protocols (IKEv2, OpenVPN TCP or OpenVPN UDP).

Does anybody know any possible configurations (in BitComet, router and or VPN) to get the port indicator green when the VPN is connected?

Thanks in advance

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It's possible the VPN is using a different port from the ones you have set. Open the router control panel and add whatever port is being used for the VPN. You may also have to add it to the firewall.

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I have the same issue untill last week no problem downloading but now it is marked on the right bottom site whispergate blocked? 

check your firewall and NAT router connections, I have no clue what that is.

Firewall is Norton and that I checked it is allowing Bit Comet, no problem there I think.

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