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suffix to default saving file/folder name

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Version 1.72 introduces a new feature

GUI Improve: add a suffix to default saving file/folder name automatically for BitTorrent task if a file/folder has the same name exists

How can I change this function in the settings? To work as in previous versions.

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From the help page

"Users can customise the destination directory by checking “Move completed downloads to” and choose their own path. It is recommended to set the directory on a non-system drive with sufficient space, the format of such drive is better to be NTFS in order to download files larger than 4G."


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I must have phrased my question badly.

In the new (1.72) version of Bitcomet, it is not possible to reconnect to the distribution.

Consider the case.
There is a TV series. New episodes are added every day.
In version 1.71, you could re-download the torrent file and re-hash the task.
After that, only new episodes were downloaded.
This cannot be done in version 1.72.
A new folder is created and all series are downloaded to it again.

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That has been a standard message ever since I started using Bitcomet. It means what it says - there are some files already in that folder and it's asking permission to overwrite them. It's possible that the torrent you are downloading has the same name as one you already have.

You can change the download directory in the torrent properties if you want.

Check your 'completed' folder for that torrent and do a manual hash check

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How can I change the Bitcomet 1.72 settings so that the same messages appear if there are already existing files and folders? Let me explain with an example. Let's say there is a series of 12 episodes. Every day, 2 episodes are added to the distribution. Previously, you could download a torrent file and rehash the downloaded files. After that, only the added series were downloaded. Now a new folder is created and all files are downloaded again. As a result, Bitcomet will create 6 folders.

1) 1-2 series

2)1-4 series

3)1-6 series

4)1-8 series

5)1-10 series

6)1-12 series

As a result, 42 files will be downloaded instead of 12.

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I don't know what version you used but I've never seen that happen and I've been using BC for a fair number of years. If the torrent is in a folder, then that folder is downloaded and the only way to avoid that is to 'ban' the other files, but that can lead to a missing fragment of the main file

What you can try is to manually select a specific folder for new episodes but there never has been an auto setting - it has always  required you to select it from a drop down list

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