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BitComet v1.74
My OS:Windows 10

Glitch: BitComet IS running in the background but is not openable or accessible

I have 7 torrents downloading as of now. BitComet 64-bit is running in the background (Task manager). I know that the movies are downloading in the background(since my WiFi speed is lowered and my laptop's heating), however I am unable to open BitComet. It isn't in the Hidden icons section, and it doesn't show up in the Alt+tab screen, and is neither in my taskbar. I have downloaded a wrong movie and I wanna pause it and delete it, but since I can't open BitTorrent I can't pause the download and delete it. This happened to me some months ago and I thought to myself that I would open BitComet after all the torrents are downloaded. However, I couldn't open it then and after this glitch occurs, I can't seem to open BitComet at all unless I restart my laptop.  

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Go to the area at the right of the task bar (the one that gas the volume control, etc. Click on the ^ and you should see a small panel with the running apps. Double click Bit Comet in that and it should open. Oncethat's done you should then be able to pin it to the task bar

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