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Small tool to verify downloaded files against a torrent file or magnet link.

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I would appreciate if you could provide a small command-line tool that I can use to verify my downloaded files are ok.

I want to burn my downloaded files to DVD drives.  When I open the disks later in future, I can use this tool to check the files against the torrent files, which I will also put on the DVD disks.

Many thanks in advance.

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Sorry, I should have written my request more clearly.  I know about the hash-check functionality in Bitcomet.  I was hoping for a smaller tool, which I could also put on the DVD disk together with the downloaded and torrent files.  I could put Bitcomet on the disk.  But it's not convenient to use it to verify the files on the disk on another computer at a future time.  The tool that I have in mind would allow me to run

D:\tool.exe  D:\foo.torrent -download-path D:\

if the DVD disk in the D drive.

I imagine it would be easy to develop the tool since it could just use the existing hash-check code and torrent decoding code from Bitcomet.

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For torrents which I have deselected some files to be downloaded, I will also put the <torrent_name>.piece_part.bc! file on the DVD disk as well.  I suspect this file contains the tail-end and/or head-end of the unselected files to "aid" the hash-checking of the first piece and/or last piece of the downloaded files.  If I know the format of this .piece_part.bc! file, I can whip up a small python script as the hash-check tool that I am asking for.

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