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Parents who choose to store their child's umbilical cord blood privately frequently think that the expense is reasonable and a worthwhile investment in case their child ever needs it.

  • Families with children with leukaemia, lymphoma, other cancers, sickle cell disease, thalassemia, or other diseases treatable by transplant may find it wise to bank cord blood for their use.
  • If another family member has an illness that can be cured with a bone marrow transplant, it might also be a good decision.
  • It has been demonstrated that stem cells from cord blood can be used in treatments to help replenish and rebuild damaged blood cells.
  • Your only chance to preserve the potent cord blood stem cells particular to your child is through cord blood banking.

How To Take Out Cord Blood?

It is simple and painless to collect cord blood. Your doctor will use a clamp to cut the umbilical cord after the baby's delivery. The medical professional will next draw the patient's blood into a sterile bag with the aid of a needle. Before the placenta is delivered, this will be sealed.

The cable may occasionally just be angled to allow the blood to drain into a bag. The amount of cord blood that contains stem cells might range from half a cup to one cup. Fifteen minutes after the baby is born, this must be done.

Sometimes, such as when twins share a placenta or a newborn is early, it is impossible to obtain enough cord blood. Additionally, some infections could make it impossible to collect cord blood. A collection fee can be applied, depending on the rules of cord blood banking, hospital and your health insurance. To find out if there are any fees you need to pay, check a head of time.

original source: https://bit.ly/3J5mA7o


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