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There are three major types of stem cell banks in India.

1. Private Cord Blood Banking

In this facility, the baby's cord blood is processed and stored. This is also a family bank.


  • The cord blood stored here is only accessible to your child and family. This helps save the cord blood for emergencies.
  • In a time of need, you don't need to look for cord blood in the public pool.


  • The cost associated with private cord banks can be a significant concern.
  • In case of any genetic disorder the same sample cannot be used for treatment.

However, the disadvantages can be significantly minimized if you visit the right cord blood bank in India.

2. Public Cord Blood Banking

This is a government-owned facility. Here, the parents donate their child's cord blood. This is processed, stored, and used by whoever is in need.


  • There is no cost of storage involved.
  • Donating cord blood is a noble act as it can be used by anyone who is in need and matches the blood sample.


  • It is sometimes difficult to find the perfect match for your child.
  • There are high chances of rejection during the transmission of blood due to contamination & the sample is not eligible for transplantation.

3. Social/Community Banks

A Social/Community of people samples are used to make a pool in which a sample can be used among themselves in case whenever a need arises.


  • The storage cost of cord blood is lower than that of private blood banks.
  • The chances of getting a HLA matched sample increases once the size of the Social/Community sample increases.
  • This is more advantageous in cases if the autologous sample cannot be used by the client.


  • Matching the right type of cord blood is difficult until a pool size increases.
  • There is a high chance that the recipient doesn't accept the donor's blood.

to know more visit - https://cryoviva.in/

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