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BitCometBeta 20060806 Released

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BitCometBeta can be found at this page:


BitCometBeta ChangeLog



Add passport info view in main window

Improve crash report


Improve the upload strategy

Fix the bug that HTTP protocol processing may cause crash

May fix the "Out of memory" error


Fix the bug that the file progress can not update

Fix the bug that the connection limit per task do not work

Crash Report can capture "Out of memory" error


Fix the bug that only few peers is connected


Fix the memory management bug that may cause memory leak

Fix the bug that the files selection download does not work


Fix a compile bug that may cause crash


Add option to auto stop after task finished

Fix UDP Tracker can not be connected

Fix HTTP Tracker redirect do not work

Beta version can only run on Windows 2000/XP


Add preview

Improve upload strategy.

Install to BitComet directory, can work with release version.


Fix the crash when click OK in the Setting Dialog.


Rewrite core code. Some functions are disabled temporarily.

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I love that you can now Hash files simultaniously but when and why was the upload/download limit introduced? Now you can't set the two independently.

How can I limit my DSL upload-speed externally?

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btw, this version is extremly slow!

If a download is finished, even if just a 3MB download, the system will just stop and bitcomet stops reacting. Same if you enter the preferences whilst bitcomet is working (e.g. hashing) in the background.

This version of BitComet does not seem to be able to handle resources properly.

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yes, this version contains many debug code that can increase the cpu usage a lot. we are considering remove them in the furture beta version.

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