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Unable to connect to all available peers

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Trying to download a torrent with more than 800 peers. However, I'm only able to connect to 20, thus d/l rate is below 5kb/s. I've limited my u/l speed to 20kb/s. Any idea how to boost up the d/l rate?

I'm on a 1.5M DSL connection, windows XP professional, connected to a router and using Bicomet .68. I read a lot of threads in the forum. Will connecting using a proxy help? What are the differences among different type (HTTP1.1, sock 4, sock 5, etc) of proxies? I have in hand a list of public proxies.

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Using a proxy will only make it worse since you would be using a middleman.

What you probably need to do is open the port in your router

Some of the links in my sig should help you.

First read the speed guides, then take a look at my settings

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