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Setting C omet to Default

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I browsing torrents with other clients. Recently while freeing up space on my comp, I deleted bit tornado among other trackers. When I returned to my Bitcomet window, I made an attempt to download a Naruto eps, and the open button wasn't there. I reinstalled bit tornado, but that tracker began to load in bitcomet's place.

Now it loads Windows media when I try download files. : (

how do I reset Bitcomet to my default tracker?

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An easy way would be to reinstall Bitcomet. Make sure you get the latest v0.68

When you install it make sure that the option to make Bitcomet the default is checked.

And just to clarify Bitcomet is not a tracker neither is Bittornado; these are both clients.

Trackers are servers that keep track of all the peers sharing a file. (like thePirateBay which is dead now, thanks to the MAFIAA)

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