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Finished Downloads problem (0.70 and 0.75)


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I switched from 0.70 to 0.75 to try it out.

When it finished downloading, only one item was put on upload while the rest appeared to be "98.6" percent or something like it. The downloaded files were functional, but most of them had problems playing (they were video downloads) - mostly with seeking. It seems as though they were corrupted. Using "avi repair" feature of VLC media player abled me to view them in their entirety (they still don't work on Media Player), but they had to be redownloaded.

I switched back to 0.70 and now it once again displays them at 98 something percent when finished instead of uploading, but so far so good the files weren't damaged in any way visible.

I love the program, I just want it to not mess up my downloads :)


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