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Burnin music videos


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I downloaded a bunch of music videos and want to burn them to a DVD to watch on my tv when havin parties and what not... They are all in either .mpeg or .avi

Whats the best program to use to burn these to a DVD.. and can you just burn them as .avi or .mpeg and still have them work on a DVD


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This question has nothing to do with the BitComet client, and was posted in the wrong forum, so it has been moved to the General Questions forum. Please take the time to make sure you are posting in the appropriate forum.

Whether those files will work as-is on your DVD player depends on the player itself. The current crop of modern players are able to play them just fine. These players state that they are "DivX-compatible", so look for that claim and the DivX logo, which is usually displayed pretty prominently.

If yours doesn't, then you'll either need to get a newer one that does (well under US$100), or you will need to convert the files to Video DVD format. This takes a long time (hours), and is much less efficient, so the files will swell enormously in size. You can probably use the software that came with your DVD player (which is usually Ahead's "Nero Burning Rom") to do the conversion. There are instructions in the Guides forum on how to use it to perform this task. But after you've done it a few times, that $80 for a new DVD player starts to look very cheap.

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