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Registration Terms

Welcome to the Official BitComet Forum!

The moment you are registered as a member of our Forum, you will be subject to the rules stated below. Please read them carefully, failing to follow the rules may result in a ban.

Other than that, we wish you an enjoyable stay at our forum. Hopefully, we’ll be able to assist with most of your torrent or BitComet-related issues to a high standard.

As always, we value you feedback or any new features you’d like to see in the next BitComet release, please post your feedback at: BitComet Client Suggestions and Feature Request

Please do not regard this forum merely as a torrent technical support engine, but stay for a while, and have a chat at our Lounge [General Discussion Board].

Please read the following rules carefully: -

  • DO NOask for RESEEDS, SEEDS, TORRENT/FILE PASSWORDS, links to ANY direct download links, or make TORRENT REQUESTS because we do not host any of the torrent files.
    • We cannot and will not give the direct links to direct downloads, due to the extremely complex issues related to Internet Piracy.
    • Direct links/direct downloads to warez files (i.e. illegal hosting of applications or games) within the posts of the BitComet Forum are not allowed, we emphasize that we DO NOT APPROVE of this. Such posts are only posted by the members themselves within our forum.
    • Members are reminded that, if they do post direct download links, their post will be deleted ASAP upon notice by BitComet staff, and a BAN will promptly be issued to the user. Additionally, users are reminded that in posting direct links to illegally obtained files, they may be subject to International Piracy Laws, which will not be imposed upon Bitcomet & its staff, but squarely, the member himself/herself.
    • If such posts are made within the forum, they will be deleted without prior notice to the user, however a PM will be sent to the user, reminding them of this rule.
    • When posting technical support issues, feel free to post the direct link to where you obtained the torrent file, this quite important, seeing how the torrent file itself could outline issues such as tracker problems, seeding, etc.
  • Standard Forum Manners are expected: -
    • Introducing yourself to our forum is a great thing to do! You can let everyone you at: New Members' Report! However, please refrain from posting your technical issues directly into this forum.
    • Flaming is not welcome here. Keep it civil and polite. You reap what you sow.
    • Post in the ‘most’ correct section. Posts made in a random or unrelated section may be moved or deleted without prior notice to the user.
    • Do not double post. Your question will be answered if/when someone who knows the answer, logs on and, sees the issue, and replies to it.
  • Links or any mentioning of Non-Pornographic, Non-Warez, Non-Referral sites are permitted: -
    • Respect other users’ bandwidth, so avoid using Direct URLs/Links (Hot-linking).
    • Advertising is not tolerated within the BitComet Forum. Personal sites such as Blogs, spaces, funny links, etc are allowed. But do NOT link to ‘forced sign-ups or voting’ links. These links will be removed immediately without prior notice. Action may be taken upon the user depending on the severity of the advertisement.
  • Common Sense within the Forum: -
    • Usernames are to be ‘appropriate’, pornographic or offensive names will not be allowed. You will be sent a warning immediately, reminding you of this rule, if you do not change your username within a week or so, the account will be banned/deleted.
    • If you have been banned permanently, or temporarily, do not come enter this forum, nor create a new user account. Doing so, will only lead to an extended ban. If you feel that you have been banned unfairly, or feel that you should be un-baned after a period of time, e-mail us at: support@bitcomet.com
    • This forum is not reserved for trading/selling/buying items, so do not create such posts or topics.
    • Should you want a name change, or deletion of your user account, or any other similar issues, please contact a moderator or Adminstrator.
  • The BitComet site & BitComet Forum: -
    • Criticizing BitComet staff, the main site, or the forum itself without any constructive arguments will not be tolerated. Feedback or ‘constructive argument’ is appreciated; Feedback from BitComet users would be greatly appreciated.
    • If ever in doubt regarding any issues related to our forum or website, do not hesitate to contact an Administrator or Moderator [by e-mail or PM], or e-mail us at support@bitcomet.com [Rest assured, this e-mail can and only will be read by Administrators].
    • The decisions of Administrators & Moderators are final. Arguing against our decisions will coincide with our standard rules, since our decisions are based upon these 5 simple ‘common-sense’ rules outlined so far. However, should you feel that our decision was influenced or was incorrect in some manner, please contact an Administrator
    • All the staff have non-paid positions, and give their time freely. Therefore, they are exempt from most minor rules, except for the most severe, which involve the staff themselves. Refer to 5.b & 5.c if you have any ‘personal’ issues you wish to discuss.
    • All the staff here are human just like all the users who’ve joined this forum, so we do make mistakes, though our decisions are bounded within reason.
    • Should we require staff, we will post within the Announcements for staff openings. Or, you may receive a PM from BitComet staff to join our ranks.

Note: All the rules are subject to change without notice to members, except for new rules which may be severe.

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