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Has your post been answered?

There are many reasons why posts are not answered.

1. Our forum is staffed by professionals who volunteer their time to help the file sharing community. We are not obligated to help anyone, but if you take the time to learn, and follow the rules, you will find us all very willing to help you.

2. If you don't review the rules for submitting support request, then you can expect either no reply, or a reply instructing you to read the rules. Such topics only waste our time, and we help members who read the rules first.

3. We all have our working schedule, as well as other activities that consume our time, and we help out here as much as time allows, so if you did not receive an answer to your topic, make sure you provided the required information, and if necessary, you may send me a PM and I will review the topic.

Some forums have a "READ THIS before posting" announcement. This takes 30 seconds to read, so there is no excuse for not providing the information we need to help you. Please also understand, this is not "all" the information we may need, its simply the absolute minimum info needed to even begin to assist you.


The BitComet Team

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