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READ THIS before posting your speed related question

Because of the technical nature of fine tuning any bittorrent client, the following information MUST be included with all requests for support.

This Section is NOT for beginners if you don't understand these rules, then you should begin reading, starting here...

New to BitComet

And visit our F.A.Q.s

Frequently Asked Questions

If you understand these issues, and want our help improving your speeds, then follow these rules.

1. Throughly follow our Settings Guide

Settings Guide

2. When you run the SpeedTest, make sure all programs are shut down (including BitComet), and no other computers are sharing the internet connection. Then run several tests on several different servers, and post the highest test result.

3. Provide the following

a. Windows version (and serivce pack)

b. Type of Internet connection and advertised speed (both upload and download)

c. Version of BitComet

d. Type of Router (if any) and have you forwarded your listening port.

4. Please understand our staff are professionals who volunteer their time to help the file sharing community, and deserve your respect. Not reading the rules and posting incomplete information only wastes our time, and yours, and is disrespectful.

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