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Using 0.70, downloading a torrent with multiple files (.avi files, in particular).

1. Select only the first file to download and press Start.

2. Wait until that file is 100% complete then press Stop (if it isn't stopped already.)

3. Select the next file in sequence to download and press Start.

Now, if you look at the Files section, the file already completed is still listed as "Read & Write" operation. It seems it should only be a "Read" operation. In general, all the files already completed are listed as "Read" except for the last completed file. If you stop the torrent and then restart, the problem is fixed.

Why is that an issue? Well, in the case of .avi files, the file will not be accessible to external media players when it is in "Read & Write" mode. In fact, it seems as if the file is broken or incomplete (missing headers.) I am not sure what is actually written to the file when the torrent is restarted, but if the file is already complete it should not be modified again (right?).

The reason I actually bring this up is because in the past I would select one file, wait for it to complete, then unselect it, and select the next one, and often watch and delete the previous files before the entire torrent was downloaded. And very frequently files that were complete 100% would not be playable (missing headers, it seemed) but I could never really find the underlying cause for this behavior (and the redownloaded file would work fine). I am hoping that perhaps the above-mentioned issue may be responsible for this problem.

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