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Bitcomet and Linksys wireless network


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Forgive me i'm novice!

I used bitcomet the other day for the first time. Fine.

Whilst i was in the middle of downloading mp3's and surfing the net at the same time I lost connection. I use a Linksys WAG354g router and Belkin wireless adaptor.

Now i can't connect wirless-ly. It is constantly scanning and finding the network but immediately dropping out. I can connect when i've got wire connected from router to my comp.

I have read somewhere, somebody else having the same problembut it didn't say how he fixed it!!

Can anybody help???


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It sounds like you already have the connection to the access point but not internet.

I'm not an expert but i had the same problem.

How i worked out mine, use the computer that was wire-connected to the computer, go to linksys configuration page,, change the SSID to your own one, and set up the WEP.

With your wireless computer, now when u open properties of network connection in control panel, it should ask u the ssid and wep. enter them should work out fine.

i don't remember if i had to reboot the router though. probably not.

Normally i email to linksys technical team, they give u very detailed answers, but could take up to 24hrs to reply

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