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Help would be very much appreciated.

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Hi everyone.

Firstly, I'd like to state that I've spent quite some time reading the

faqs, helpfile and forums. Usually I can find solutions to any problems

I have within these.

I've noticed that alot of people are having download issues and I'm

one of those people.

I've configured my router and firewall as per settings on the faq lists

and also read the informative guides layed out by various members

and their posts, which have very in-depth information and guides as

to what to check for.

I'm in the UK and I'm running on 4mb broadband speed, usually

getting anywere from 1mb to 3mb download depending on many

factors; time of day, which server i'm visiting etc.

The problem with Bitcomet is that I'm very rarely getting anything

on downloads over 20k/s. Another point I'd like to make with this

is that a friend of mine and I decided to check this out between us.

We have the same ISP and package, same routers and firewall

He's managing to download at 100k+ a second, even on 1 seed

whereas it takes me having to get to at least 50 seeds and peers

before I see any download benefit. I am receiving remote as well

as local initiations after configuring my router but this doesn't

seem to solve the problem. I've reduced the upload speed to

6k/s, although I'm reluctant to do this as I like to seed the

download and will always try and upload at least to the size of

the file or more if people are still wanting that file.

Sorry for the long post here everyone, but I'd like to put as

much information down here as I can so that you all get a clear

understanding of the issue and are more able to help me out in

this situ. If there is more information that you need to be able

to help me, please let me know and I can supply that information.

I've added a picture to this post as an example.

As the title states, any help would be very much appreciated

Many thanks for reading.

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