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Bitcomet locks my web browsing

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I'm really glad of using BitComet, i like it.

I use BitComet v1.14 on Windows XP-SP3. No Windows Firewall but AVG Internet Security. Program is allowed on AVG Firewall, the listening ports are open on my modem router. There is nothing wrong about Bitcomet's own connection stuff. Everything works just fine. I download my files fast and easly.

But when i download torrents, i can not surf on the web at the same time. The page loadings takes such long time on the browser, and sometimes they are not loaded at all.

Even on a case; when it uses 10% of my bandwidth for a low seeded slow torrent, it still does the same thing.

I have a 8MBit downstream/1MBit upstream ADSL connection (max 850KB/s real download).

But this locking stuff case does not change in both cases when it downloads with 80KB/s or 800KB/s.

I even can not login into MSN. When i close the BitComet program, everything returns to normal.

First i thought that it might be because of upload data. And i limited uploading to 20KB/s. But nothing changed.

I think it boosts the connection everytime only for itself, and maybe something more about half-open tcp connections, i don't know.

How can i reduce this boosting a little bit, enough to open webpages succesfully.

Thanks in advance.

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