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Bitcomet downloads too much (infinitifly) data

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As I've told you in your previous topic, refrain from posting in the Bugs Report section until it's been determined beyond doubt that it's an application bug, you're dealing with. In no case, is anyone to post there for asking assistance, as it's stated on top of the section.

And definitely, posting several times the same question won't get you more answers.

This topic is closed. If you wish to pursue this matter further, use the other one you've started.


I have the following problem (see picture)


Bitcomet doesnt download the last % of some files (especially when i download mp3-albums). When i leave it on for the entire day it downloads like 2 gigabyte, but not the last %.

I have Bitcomet version 1.05 Stable release for windows

I am using the Internet connection cable from UPC (dutch internet provider)

I have a Arris 502B modem, and forwarded my port.

I don't use any firewalls or Antivirus ( have done so for 8 years, and never had a serieus virus).

I hope somebody can help me.



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