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Bookmarks no longer work - Help

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My bookmarks stopped working and haven't been working for weeks.

If I click a bookmark that is on my bookmarks toolbar or my Bookmarks dropdown,

nothing happens. If I save a new bookmark, for example, www.yahoo.com, and then

try to access this new bookmark, (for example, entitled "fred")nothing happens.

I stay on the page that I was on. The new bookmarks shows in my bookmarks menu,

but clicking it does nothing. If I rest my cursor on the bookmark, the popup

shows the correct URL.

I'm on Cometbird 3.6.2. I've been using it for months now and love it.

They used to work. I have no idea why they stopped working.

All the bookmarks work fine if I click them in the Organize Bookmarks item (the Library).

One of your answers to someone about bookmarks says that bookmarks are stored here:

%appdata% in the CometNetwork/CometBird/Profiles/(you) directory under bookmarks.html

Under Profiles, my username is not listed (for example, my last name Smith), but instead

there is a folder called this: a05aoykp.default.

Under that is a bookmarks.html file with a last modified date of 8/8/2008.

The Profiles folder also contains a bookmarkbackups folder that contains a bookmarks.html file

with a date of 3/9/2010. and several .json files, for example, this one


Can you tell me how to get my bookmarks working again?

Thank you.

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