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Smooth scrolling issue

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I was noticing for some reason that my mouse was not allowing me to scroll properly within the Cometbird browser and was only advancing one line at a time rather than one page at a time which I have set. I like a lot about Cometbird so far except I wasn't able to find an answer for my problem here on the forum so I hope this isn't an issue that has been otherwise addressed.

I thought I had found the answer when I disabled the UI enhancement because that seemed to solve the problem, but that wasn't satisfactory because I really like the translator and that goes away when I do that. I had tried this after disabling the smooth scrolling option in the Tools menu which had no effect although I thought that it should.

So, because I wanted to keep the UI enabled and fix the problem I looked in the about:config menu. To my surprise, despite deselecting the smooth scrolling option from Options, general.smoothScroll still had a value of true and once I changed that.... no more problem.

I don't know if this is an issue that is maybe selective to a certain OS over others, but I am running on Vista 64 which is no surprise to me. I can't help but feel that someone at Microsoft was spiking the coffee and water coolers when they were designing Vista in the first place and they all started smoking crack once they got to the 64 bit version.

Either way, I am liking this browser so far and it is quite an improvement over Firefox which seemed to get slower with each passing day.


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I'll definitely give that a look. I did manage to get the issue fixed for the reason that it seems the setting wasn't changing itself properly when accessed via the Advanced tab in Options.

The link you gave looks pretty nice so far because I actually just learned of the about:config options not so long ago. Nice to have all that information on a page rather than finding things out by trial and error lol. Seems a little bit odd to me though that it is possible to make all these sorts of changes yet in all this time they haven't properly added them to the UI.

I was mostly just intending to post my findings about this problem to know if there is some reason the settings I changed from the UI weren't being made properly in the about:config as I'm thinking it should have been for that particular option. I appreciate the added information though.


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