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1.16-1.20 on Windows 7 (32-bit): option "Avoid system entering suspend/sleeping mode ..." doest not work


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i have a program that tends to put computer into suspend/sleeping mode, which can not be really turned off in any convenient way...

so the aforementioned option in the settings of BC was really very useful on Windows XP to continue seeding/leeching active tasks no matter what other programs tried to do with the OS in terms of changing mode to sleep/suspend...

however, when the same versions of BC and the other program were installed on Windows 7 (32-bit), the latter was able to put computer into sleep/suspend, and BC failed to prevent that with the option checked (turned on)...

i could not find discussion of this problem in the forum or elsewhere, so this can be considered as bug report, i guess...

(of course, independently of BC ability or inability to prevent computer from going into sleep/suspend mode, I tried to fight the phenomenon via W7's own settings... but no matter what it only controls OS' own behavior and it can not forbid to an application to call sleep/suspend mode...)

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1. There was similar problem when Windows Vista was released (fixed):

v0.86 2007.04.04

GUI Bugfix: avoid system entering suspend/sleeping mode do not work in Windows Vista


2. For now, I will try to use freeware utility that prevents hybernate/sleep/suspend modes (among other things):


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