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Love this thing!

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I gotta say this. CometPlayer is the easiest music player I've ever encountered. I've yet to explore much of it but it surprises me with its lyrics feature that ACTUALLY WORKS! Dang it's good. Winamp is cool but its features are too much for a minimalist and single-track-minded chick like me. And as a girl, typical girl, I don't dig complicated cyber digital thingie. I want something simple and easy as well as executable. I don't know if i got the word right or not. Hehehe. Thanks for engineering this player! :lol:

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i have to say, i was all about winamp for the longest time (8yrs), but now, i agree with the original post, this player is AWESOME!!! i have been listening to my music on it all day, and haven't had a single problem. it's easy to figure out, and there isn't too much weird things going on with it. only thing i could say is i would love to have more skin options, but other than that, it's the best player i have used in what seems like forever.

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I'm so loving this player, is not heavy and is also good looking!

It will be totally perfect when we will have also some plug-in like Last.fm , I guess most of us are used to post songs truth the player.

Anyway is really a Great job .

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