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[NEW] BitComet Beta 20100819


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Core Improve: increase priority of HTTP tracker connection


GUI Improved: new advanced option: allow preview program to open files of any type from file list (thanks to greywizard)

GUI Improved: enhance video file capture ability of Firefox extension

Core Bugfix: perform hash-check if file changed or missing when start BitTorrent task

Core Bugfix: FTP download did not handle the error of disconnect by server unexpectedly

Core Bugfix: FTP download failed to resume download from certain FTP servers

Core Bugfix: fix DNS query function


GUI Improved: add Snapshot and Comment tab to Torrent History and Torrent Share list

GUI Improved: new command in context menu of Torrent History: "add to task list"

GUI Improved: display WebSeed connection separately in peer list of BitTorrent task

GUI Improved: support import unfinished download files with any extension name

GUI Bugfix: cannot change advanced settings in Option dialog

GUI Bugfix: show Grid in View menu does not work properly

GUI Bugfix: cannot send crash report under XP


GUI Improved: add Summary tab to Torrent History and Torrent Share list

GUI Improved: open Torrent from URL dialog supports multiple URLs

GUI Improved: export all torrents in one time by selecting multiple tasks in task list, Torrent History or Torrent Share list

GUI Improved: display "click to add" in file list when BitTorrent task missing ED2K links

GUI Change: CometPassport renamed to CometID

GUI Bugfix: percent of score bar for CometID level up displays invalid for level 50+ (v1.22)

GUI Bugfix: after modifying save path in task properties dialog and selecting moving files, the downloaded files are copied to new folder, not moved

GUI Bugfix: no beeps after download completed (v1.22)

GUI Bugfix: after changing torrent file encoding in task properties dialog, the task name in Torrent History is not refreshed

Core Improve: supports HTTP 301/302 redirecting for Web Seed

Core Improve: eMule plugin Xtreme Mod upgraded to v8.0 (eMule v0.50a)

Core Improve: after error code received from Tracker, increase retry interval and re-connect later

Core Bugfix: if BitTorrent task containing multiple files, multiple eMule plugin will be launched incorrectly(v0.50a)

Core Bugfix: failed to generate Crash Report in Vista/Win7 (v1.22)

Core Bugfix: upload task number limit works incorrectly when there are any task whose torrent not downloaded yet

Download from here: http://www.bitcomet.com/doc/download-beta.htm

Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback here.


The BitComet Team

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