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Oil exploration and oil filed news


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Oil exploration and Oil Field News create a lot of interest in the oil and gas investors. For a common man to develop interest in these here is a short article about the basics of oil exploration.

Oil exploration is done using geographical studies and technical assessments to find out the existence of crude oil. The exploration and extraction of oil is one of the most riskiest, challenging and highly expensive operation. Hence oil and gas industry consists mostly of big investors.

The presence of oil can be detected using gas oozes, oil seeps and formation of craters due to gas leakage. Oil is usually found in the layers of porous sandstone, which are usually seen in the bed of 'non-porous sediments'. Natural gas can be found above the oil surface, which is just below the non-porous layer. At certain places oil breaks this layer and discloses its presence.

Exploration Geophysics is the branch of science that deals with these studies related to oil exploration.

The initial part of the geographical study involves the confirmation of the presence of oil. Most modern technologies are used during this examination to find out the quantity and depth the presence of oil and natural gas.

Many geology surveys like magnetic survey, seismic reflection survey and gravity survey are conducted at the location that's about to undergo oil exploration. During the later stages, detailed seismic surveys are done to calculate the time required for sound waves to go through the matter. Once the experts confirm the presence of oil, the site gets transferred to an oil exploration company.

There are many oil fields scattered throughout the world. You can know more about oil fields and oil exploration from the articles published by the oil and natural gas research companies and other agencies around the world.

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