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Server Upgrade... What messed up with BC Scores??


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First of all, I would like to thanks to all BitComet Team for his work!

I'm using BitComet since v.056 (or v.0.59, not pretty sure) and it's my favourite client.

I'm new in this forum, because I'm trying to solve my issues myself, when it is possible, and don't bother with questions,

that answer can easily find somewhere. I know, you share your time to help us for free. Respect!

Now to the point: I saw a couple of posts about lost ranking and score. Maybe i should post there, instead of starting new topic?

Seems clear, this happened after the latest server upgrade on 18th-19th Nov. My score disappeared too.

I had around 7000-8000, and now it starts counting from zero.

kluelos said: If, for any reason, the server can't be reached, your apparent rank reverts to the bottom until connection is re-established.

Well, i have quite a few accounts registered, and there no problems with connection to server. They all have the correct score, except this one.

The UnUsual Suspect and again kluelos said: higher rank not actually benefits in any way, and lost of rank/score won't effect your ability to download.

True, but not exactly. What i mean? You must have known, the rank isn't the one and only, what we get from the score.

I don't care about the rank, respectively about LT-seed number. I use my BC Score to convert it for platinum points in one of the games,

proposed on PlayComet site (namely MWOnline). Actually i don't care about the score too. If it is 1000, 10000, or 0 doesn't matter for me,

only if i could convert my new added score to platinum. It is 160 right now, and when i try to get platinum, i get nothing, but message:

Result Error: Your score is not enough. Make sure you've logged in... bla-bla...

Your current BC Score: 160

Converted BC Score: 7010 80011

(I don't really understand the last number, maybe 7010 is the current converted score)

This make me to think, I'll be able to convert again, only when i reach my previous score.

So, that is my problem. Can you fix it?

Right, this is completely free software, supported by volunteers, so I don't insist for help, just asking.

Decision... i don't know... you must have some kind of back-up, from where you can restore previous statistics?

I wouldn't hope you do this, if was only me, but as i see, there is another users with same problem,

maybe you can fix it somehow, please!


Almost forgot, my user name: imperia, my user ID:9455331, in case you can do anything.

I don't think you really need the other information, but here is:

BitComet 1.24, ADSL, modem-router Baudtec TW263R4-A0, Port-Forwarded successfully,

WindowsXP SP3, Windows Firewall Disabled, no anti-virus software.

Best Regards!

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