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Mask "Unable to connect"

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I blocked googlesyndication & doubleclick.net through the hosts file

& want to replace page errors with a white page,

"Unable to connect

CometBird can't establish a connection to the server at"

I'd like to replace those frame errors or entire page grey/white errors

with a totally white page.


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All i know is that the string can be found in the archive located in cometbird's chrome's directory .. . (program files section) .. .

in appstrings.properties

"connectionFailure=CometBird can't establish a connection to the server at %S."

I wonder if a userchrome tweak in the profile/chrome dir. can change the entire page/frame .. .

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# dnsNotFound

# fileNotFound fileNotFound

# malformedURI malformedURI

# protocolNotFound protocolNotFound

# connectionFailure connectionFailure

# netTimeout netTimeout

# redirectLoop redirectLoop

# unknownSocketType unknownSocketType

# netReset netReset

# netOffline netOffline

# netInterrupt netInterrupt

# deniedPortAccess deniedPortAccess

# proxyResolveFailure proxyResolveFailure

# proxyConnectFailure proxyConnectFailure

& all of those if possible

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This is resolved .. .

"ad blocker" stops google analytics script

& doubleclick

"adblock" plus blocks a lot of iframe ads

as well

"clean the junk" removes some iframes automatically

in webpages

& "element hiding" allows me to filter in adblock

& get rid of anything on the fly .. .

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