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[New] BitComet Beta [20110616] has been released


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Dear all,

The latest Beta version of BitComet has just been released, you're all welcomed to download it HERE.



GUI Improved: remove the AutoRefresh option in Torrent Collection toolbar. new torrents are appended to the bottom directly

GUI Improved: when the display number of Torrent Collection list reaches max value, a info bar will be displayed

GUI Improved: add Remove command to Torrent Collection list

GUI Improved: decrease start-up delay of Torrent Collection by loading torrents information asynchronously

GUI Improved: display a balloon tip when sorting the list of Torrent Collection leads to UI no response

GUI Improved: add a icon for "Properties" in the context menu of task list

GUI Improved: improve the thumbnail task list for system tray icon and floating window when mouse hovering

GUI Improved: add "reset to default layout" the context menu of detailed tabs of Torrent Share and Torrent History

GUI Improved: the option of "show detailed info" in View menu works for Torrent Share and Torrent History

GUI Improved: display free memory of BitComet process in Statistics pane

GUI Bugfix: the text of weekday in Schedule setting page misplace in certain display setting condition

Core Improve: update BitTorrent client identification code


GUI Improved: move VIP Acceleration window into BitTorrent task properties dialog

GUI Improved: new option in VIP Acceleration tab of BitTorrent task properties dialog: Anonymous Download

GUI Improved: add Anonymous Download state to VIP icon in task list

GUI Improved: bookmark list in left favorites bar recovered

GUI Improved: remember the position and size of task properties dialog

GUI Improved: add Folder and Private columns in task list, hidden by default

GUI Improved: display a balloon tip when accessing network share folder leads to UI no response

GUI Improved: 32/64 bit editions use separate install packages

GUI Improved: auto update identify 32/64 bit editions correctly

GUI Improved: the language list uses the language names provided by Windows

GUI Improved: add icons to the main menu and context menu of floating window

GUI Improved: display a balloon tip when launch a new instance of BitComet while another is exiting

GUI Improved: the default action of minimize button of main window changed to minimize to task bar under Win7

GUI Bugfix: the setting of show toolbar and show status bar in View menu not remembered

GUI Bugfix: failed to read cookie from Firefox 4 when add HTTP download

GUI Bugfix: support saving files larger than 4G in volume of HFS+/HFSJ/HFSX

GUI Bugfix: v1.27 failed to start under Win2000

Core Improve: support Anonymous Download for tasks enabled VIP Acceleration, preventing any direct connection to trackers or BitTorrent peers

Core Bugfix: memory access violation leading to program crash

Based on the stable version v1.27

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