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better support for MASS downloads


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i've been using FDM to download music samples from a dj store every week. that means about 2-3k small mp3 files listed in a text file.

i can import it in bitcomet, no problem. i can also specify a referrer, a user agent, limit the number of concurrent connections and the bandwidth. very nice.

BUT then i'm trying to start the downloads, and it takes like a minute to "add" all the download "jobs". i tried to disable automatic allocation, commenting and tagging, maybe that caused it. but no, it's still as slow. in FDM it took like 3 seconds. but okay, this is not my biggest problem, i can live with it (although it's a bit lousy).

but then, it adds all the jobs, and nothing happens. cpu usage is it maximum for one core, and nothing happens. at least the window is still responsive. i wait for a minute, then i'm trying to close bitcomet, but it shows a confirmation dialog, i press ok, and nothing happens. then i select all the downloads, and stop them. then press exit. now it exits... after about another minute.

okay, restart bitcomet, start all the downloads. again, big load, wait for a while again, then it just magically starts. GREAT. no wait, i get a "task download finished!" popup after each sample. that is, i get this crappy annoying popup like EVERY 2 SECONDS. man, it can barely scroll down before the next one pops up, sometimes they sit on top of each other. i've already disabled that "enable popup bitcomet tips" setting, but apparently it's for something else, and i couldn't find any related setting for this. why is it necessary to have these annoying alerts all the time? i don't care when my download finishes, i'll check it out when i have time. at least that annoying sound effect can be turned off, which is, again, a really stupid idea for heavy downloaders to have enabled by default.

then i check out the bitcomet window, and guess what, it's full of finished jobs. like tons of them. check out preferences, and guess what, there's no option to automatically remove finished (except failed) jobs from the list. so i have to manually remove them, and scroll them all over to check whether there's a single failing one. that's just damn annoying. and anyway, i'm not mental, i can keep in mind what i tried to download, so don't fill the window with already finished jobs.

so, the addition of http downloads is a really nice move, but in its current form it's like for really casual downloaders. for BIG download batches it just won't work too well. please address these issues, coz other than these, i like bitcomet quite much, so it would be a pitty to abandon it for the problems i mentioned.

i try to summarize what i'm asking for:

- ability to disable "task download finished!" popups

- option for automatically removing finished (completed) download jobs from the list

- fix for big cpu load and hang after adding big batches

- reduce the time required for adding download jobs

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