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Firefox "Rapid Release"


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Well some of you know this, im just post it here...

The latest build "UNTESTED" of Firefox is Nightly.

After six week of that comes Firefox "Aurora" which undergone basic testing.

Then again, after six week. It will release the official beta "Firefox Beta" before quite some time it will be the Final "Firefox"

The Logo if Nightly and Aurora builds differs from Firefox/Firefox Beta builds.

Currently from this date of post, "Firefox Nightly" Build has a 64 bit browser.

Firefox "Aurora and Beta" can be found here Mozilla Channel in US language.

(In my opinion)

Since many of Bitcomet user request the addon plugin of Bitcomet for the latest "Firefox".

Think about it, the development pace of firefox and bitcomet differs to one another. We cant go urge to request the addon that if Mozilla release their "Firefox" we just post here and saying "can you make addon for Firefox" or something along those lines because they already developing it along the new version of "Bitcomet" but slightly behind from current "Firefox".

IF you want to use the addon preatty badly, then don't upgrade your Firefox to the version of the addon you currently install is "unsupported".

I'm sorry if somebody offend of my opinion.

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