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[New] BitComet 1.30 has been released


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Dear all,

The latest version of BitComet has just been released, you're all welcomed to download it from the official website.


v1.30 2011.11.11

GUI Improved: cleaned up and improved a lot of code, reduce program size

GUI Improved: add VIP download list button in task list toolbar

GUI Improved: do not allow hide the title column of task list

GUI Improved: new command in View menu: Find Task (Ctrl+F)

GUI Improved: switch file list to Simple List or Tree List, from context menu

GUI Improved: display the tree list of files correctly when the files in Torrent are not sorted by directories

Core Improve: support Firefox 7

Core Improve: the file size limit of Torrent changed to 10MB

Core Improve: support torrents whose piece size is not the integral multiple of 16 KB

based on v 1.29

Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback here.

Thank you for your support.

The BitComet Team

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I have three problems at present with the new version.

1. With old versions of BitComet if you clicked on the floating window the BitComet main window would appear, and of course disappear again when you double clicked it again. The window still appears when you double click the floating window, but will not disappear again. The only time it will disappear again is if you have had another window, IE for example, open.

2. When you re-arrange the main BitComet screen, moving sections around, when the program is restarted it forgets where you had put everything so you have to rejig again.

3. With the old version if you clicked on the red X the program would minimise. However, on the new version, when you press the red X the program shuts down.

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