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Help with Magnet Links (weird problem)

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Hello, I am getting a problem on my friend's PC, and it is weird...

First of all, both PC are using Windows 7 - 64 Bits, with an ADSL conection via Router...


Ok, the problem is this one:

When we try to open a Magnet Link it simply pops an error about not being able to open the file. So he installed another Download Manager and it works perfectly with it (these Magnet Links are from Pirate Bay and works fine on my PC)

I then changed the Magnet extension to be opened with Bit Comet, this happened using Opera or even Maxthon3. After I set it up to handle Magnets with BitComet, it "works", and by that I mean, it opened Bit Comet to download it instead the other Downloader.

But again we got the "Error reading file" or something like that, excuse me I didn't copy it, I will be more specific later if needed when I go again to his house.

After that we opened the Bit Comet Options and checked all was "fine", the same as it is on my own PC, because I configured it for him to in the past.

Then I said "Maybe your Comet is not up to date" , because the version was 1:13, so we upgraded it to 1.35 just yesterday IIRC

Finally nothing changed... still the same error, we reboot the PC, but still Bit Comet can't handle Magnet Links, even when it tries to open them, we got a small pop up saying "Failed to open the file" (or something like that)


I have no idea what is going on, am I missing something? What should I try?

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