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Bitcomet Auto Start Task Folder Requested.

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Hello everyone ^^. I've been a long time comet user who took a back seat role and have never needed to speak up until now, so lets put the greetings aside for now and get down to the point.

Bitcomet is a great torrent program and I must say well done comet team :) however I've never had a problem with using this software in the past till only a few days ago when I wanted to start automating my downloads on a dedicated PC using "Sick Beard" a program that automatically grabs and downloads .torrent files and places them into a folder for a torrent client to pickup and automatically add to its Que, this is a very handy tool for currently running TV series and ruling out the human intervention of having to go and find each episode that's recently released. uTorrent has this feature and I would greatly appreciate it if this could be included into bitcomet?

When building a massive media center of well over 20TBs of media that's completely automated for downloads is just an amazing concept and I'd like to continue to use your software to do this, however as it stands right now I've had to switch to uTorrent for the time being till this is addressed.

Anyway this is just a thought or suggestion and I hope this gets across to someone important in the community.

cheers Val

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