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Every 2 or 3 downloads is corrupted?


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I have used Bitcomet for years (probably about 10). In the last few years I have noticed a torrent would be corrupt every so many downloads. The task would reach 100%, I'd go to play the mp4 in VLC but it would cause VLC to crash (but remain in the background with the file open).

To fix the problem I have to stop the task/torrent, kill any hidden VLC process using the file and then re-start the task. Bitcomet detects there's an issue, performs a hash check and then redownloads the file. Upon redownloading, the file is okay. However, this is so annoying.

I recently upgraded to the latest version of Bitcomet (1.62) but this is still happening and it seems to consistently happen every 3 or 4 downloads??

How can I fix this? It's annoying.

This is Windows 7 64 bit and VLC version 2.2.3. I know this isn't the latest but the latest version had so many bugs.

One thing I have noticed is the problem affects multiple files if I download to mp4s as part of the same task?? So the problem doesn't seem to be per file, but the task itself?


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