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Subfolder issues


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Hi their, my jargon may not be great but here goes. A friend of mine set me up years ago, i use peerblock at the moment and i use yifyddl.movies to get my films as thats the only thing i download. I use bitcomet to download them. Going back to before my problem started, i would select a film from yifyddl and then a popup would appear for me to open the file using bitcomet. Then it would open in bitcomet with the name of the film I.E. star wars yify then it would download into a subfolder on my desktop called film downloads. Everything was fine until december 2019 when a error appeared saying torrent file failed to download, please try again. Since then it never worked. So my friend suggested to reset my laptop to factory settings. So i did that and got peerblock and bitcomt back going but now after i select the film of yifyddl and then go to bitcomet instead of the file name ( film name) it just comes up with yify fileand will not download at all? Hope this makes sense to someone. Oh and i cant seem to setup a subfolder with the selection options given. I seem to think this is the problem as even when i use piratebay or any onther torrent site the same problem occurs. Please can anyone help 

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