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Don't reset the size of the "Create new BitTorrent task" dialog when the metadata is loaded


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The scene is like the this:

  1. I click a magnet link in the web page to download some video, then the "Create new BitTorrent task" dialog pops up, showing "(Waiting for torrent metadata downloading)".
  2. The metadata loads somewhat slow, so I switch to the "Snapshots" tab to check the snapshots beforehand.
  3. The size of the snapshot image is too large (approximately 600x340 px) to fit in the box (737x577 px overall on my desktop) and scrollbars show up. To see the whole image, I drag to enlarge the whole dialog box.
  4. Just while I'm viewing the pictures one by one by clicking the right arrow, the metadata is finally loaded. Immediately, the dialog is reset to its initial small size, interrupting my process.

It will be appreciated if this behavior is improved.


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