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“Set as Default Directory” does not stay set


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Issue: In the “Create new BitTorrent task” dialogue – I select an option from the “Set as Default Directory” list – the “Save path:” value gets updated correctly, and the item I selected in the “Set as Default Directory” gets a check mark -  However, if I make this selection before the file list of the “Torrent Content:” section of the dialogue gets populated (this can take a few minutes sometimes) the “Set as Default Directory” value gets reset when the file list does finely get populated. The “Save path:” stays set correctly, but I have to reselect the “Set as Default Directory”.

Expected result: I would expect this value to stay set to the value selected until I change it.

BitComet (64-bit) 1.96 / Windows 11 Home 64-bit

Thank you in advance,


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