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BC seems to make my mouse lag on M1 Pro Macbook


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I have recently found that BitComet has MacOS version, which is very cool and of course i've jumped on it immediately!! However, It has started bugging my Mac from time to time, because the issue is not constant. 

I have ~15 torrents loaded, once I start BC and start seeding all of them, my Mac's mouse cursor starts to lag. It seems to be using about ~20-30 % of my CPU, which should not be that big of a deal, however the cursor starts skipping, scrolling in browsers becomes somewhat choppy... This seems to happen for the first few minutes after BC was launched. 

I have also noticed very high cpu usage during download, even on slow speeds (~3-4MB/s), it's using ~102% of the CPU(102 % means one full core, the *nix way), if I add one ot two more torrents for simultaneous downloads the CPU usage is approximately the same, even on higher speeds > 10~15MB/s. To me this means that the CPU load does not come from the tasks it's doing for downloading.

If any logs would be useful let me know. 

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