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can anyone tell me what i need to do in order to make downloaded stuff automatically open in my Realplayer, it used to do it, but now i have the updated version of bitcomet, it doesnt, and i cant remember how i did it last time! What am i like!! :huh: Many Thanks :D

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I'm not sure I can help much with this one but I'll try.

I haven't known of real player being able to just automatically open a downloaded task in the bitcomet client but then again I haven't known many other things as well lol

Are you sure you don't mean that once you've downloaded the file, you would locate it, and then real player would be the default program to open it?

I'm probably wrong but just trying to understand your situation. :unsure:

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yes i dont think its possible to play a file from bitcomet and make it open in Realplayer

if your question is how to open a file using Realplayer when you are not in BitComet, then you have to change your default program to open it.

How you do this is by right clicking the file, choose 'properties', go the the 'general' tab, one option is 'opens with' and you click the button 'change'... then you choose Realplayer and press OK.

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