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HI, I do think that many other suggestions could be possible with this feature.

I do not know if this feature is possible (but the developers of Bitcomet rule :D ) or if it will be harmful for the torrent in question.

I love the priority features of Bitcomet; can we apply them to the parts of a single file?

(I read somewhere that Bitcomet chooses randomly the parts to download, whereas other clients choose the parts that are rarer in the swarm)

Why is priority so useful in parts?

*It could allow a file to be viewed while it downloads; after a buffer time. (topic=813)

*It could allow users to download the same video, in different torrents. I download half (actually approx. 51% if the parts are not the same size) from one and another half from the other, I add them; I make the checksum and share the file in both torrents. (topic=741)

*I’ve already seen that movie; I just want the funny part of the end.

Maintaining the idea of ratio >1, you are giving more power to the user, he and only he decides: when and what to download, to give that same power to the other users.

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