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Suggestion for re-opening torrents


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Everytime I update BitComet I uninstall all previous versions and files and only keep the torrent files bitcomet saves into its torrent directory.

Unfortunatly, bitcomet does not save the information as to the download directory or the percentage of the files it has downloaded. Nor which parts of the file I wanted to download.

Would it be possible to integrate this into a new version?

That way, if you for some reason have to clean install BitComet you can open the torrent files saved by bitcomet and you will automatically have the right directory, the right percentages and very important, the correct parts. You don't have to select all the internal aprts again.


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You can update to new version without unistalling the previous versions and the files. Then you can go on downloading files that you have downloaded with the old versions(Make sure that the old versions and the new version were installed in same directory).Your problem is that when you unstalled the previous versions, you have all the files related to them deleted. For these files contained information about your downloaded files. Athough you keep the torrent files,you can't download the file from the percentage it has downloaded.

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