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How does this upload/download speed work?


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The new beta doesn't let you limit your download and upload speed independently anymore.

Apparently your download gets limited when your upload is set too low. This wasn't the case in the past.

So, what upload must I set in order to be able to use full download speed?

I can download with close to 300kbyte/s but my upload speed is a mere 20kbyte/s (which sucks, I know!!!). But if I set it to anything above 8-10kbyte/s upload speed, my download speed drops rapidly.

So, what's the maximum download speed Bitcomet will allow me if I set my upload to 6-10kbyte/s?

And is it possible (if so, how) to set the upload speed to unlimited in my client and limit it externally? My router or provided do not offer this, so I would need some kind of software, I guess.

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