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problem with connections.


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I have been using bitcomet for years and this is the first time i'm facing this problem. My LAN seems to have a problem connecting to the internet. My PC is wired from a router placed in my bro's room. I have no problem connecting since I started using around one month ago. This problem started around last fri. My bro doesnt experience this problem. My connection is running at 100mbps and it seems to be running(bytes sent and received is running) but loading a page takes around 5mins and sometimes it cant even load the page and this problem even affected bitcomet. My bitcomet cant connect to any server. Most of the time I have to keep restarting and/reconnect before it work. I have not done anything yet since I do not know what's wrong. can someone help me rectify this problem and how do i maximise bitcomet downloading power.. I'm using starhub MaxOnline Ultimate.

My PC info

WinXP service pack 2

Pentium4 2.66GHz


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It sounds like your connection is overloaded. Does your bro do any filesharing???

If your bro is then you will need to split your bandwidth between you two.

Go through the settings guide in my sig but instead of using 80% for the upload cap you should use 40% and then your brother should also use 40%.

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