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Very SLOOOOW Download

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Okay, I am new to Torrent Things but at least I know the basics. I have a 384 kbps DSL connection, so I supposed that if the torrent file I am downloading (which I am doing right now) has 31 seeds and 99 peers then It should work fine right? but I am still receiving just 3 to 0 kbps. When I am using IRC to download, it can be up to 46 kb/s. why is only in Bitcomet that I have a slow download? what's the problem? Do I have to configure something? if I have to, can you please teach me in a step by step basis?

I have :

1.) Norton 2006 which I already disabled Auto- protect.

2.) I turned off and on the windows firewall but nothing has change.

so far that's the only thing installed in my PC cuz I had just reformatted my PC

Hope you could help me! B)

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Thats not it either, that is a dial-up modem.

Your DSL modem is a little box that is totally seperate from your computer. It should be plugged into a phone jack in the wall and also into your computer. That box is what I need the brand and model of.

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