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Uploding almost zero......

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Hello i have a argent qwestion.

I yuse Ofcourse Bitcomet, i am invited to Torentleech. but when you wont to sta a menber you have to shere also 100 %.....and thats the problem. i dont get a good uplode so maby sombody can help my.

atherwhile i lose my membership to torntleech.

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All you can do is the best that you can do.

Part of the problem is that your connection to the web has your upload speed limit set at approximately 1/10th or even less of your download speed limit. If you go to http://www.broadbandreports.com/ and test your connection you might see a result similar to this:

  • Your download speed was 365 Kbs
    Your upload speed was 28 Kbs

And that isn't all. You really should set you upload speed limit in Preferences-->Connection-->Global Max Upload Rate: to about 80% of the upload connections speed limit. In the above example of 28 Kbs you might then set your Global Max Upload Rate: to about 22-24 Kbs.

Now you still have to remember that you can only upload data that your Peers are wanting. If you have few no Peers you will not be able to upload much. This isn't you fault or even your responsibility. You can only do what you can do. And I would think that any private tracker is also very aware of these limits.

What you do is show an honest effort by continuing to seed after you have finished your download. This will help your ratio. But you may also find that by the time you finish your download, you may be near a 1/1 ratio.

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